VALORANT Esports Wiki:Community/Site Policies

We can't have a page for literally everyone who has ever played a game of VALORANT -- or even for everyone who has played in a single prized tournament -- we simply cannot maintain that many pages, and most pages would never be visited. So in order to maintain quality within our wiki, we have a set of "notability guidelines" that we follow to determine whether a player (or team) gets a page.


Last updated: April 14th, 2021


A team must meet at least one of the following requirements to have a wiki page created:
  • Participation in a Premier event.
  • 2 top 4 placements in Major events.
  • 4 top 2 placements in Minor events such as open qualifiers.
  • At least 4 of the players already have a wiki page, or at least 3 of the players are extremely noteworthy in their regions and already have wiki pages.


A player must meet at least one of the following requirements to have a wiki page created:
  • Has played in at least one game in a premier event.
  • Is currently on the starting roster for a team that qualifies for a wiki page and is actively playing in a major or premier event.
  • Is currently an official sub for a team that has a wiki page and is actively playing in a premier event in a premier region.
  • If a player was previously a member of a team with a wiki page but did not participate in at least one premier event with that team (started in at least one game), they no longer qualify for a page, and we will not create one retroactively. However, we will not delete already-created pages (assuming they properly met notability guidelines at time of creation).

Support Staff

We will make pages for a coach or manager who either:
  • Is the primary coach or manager for a premier team.


We are not obligated to create pages for all monthly and weekly events. This section just defines what that means. If your event is considered too low-level for inclusion, we will not cover it.

Tournaments will be categorized into Premier/Major/Minor by the following rules:
  • Premier Tournaments:
  • It is part of the primary circuit of any region.
  • Major Tournaments:
  • It is part of the secondary circuit of any region.
  • The tournament has a prizepool of over $ 10,000 USD.
  • Minor Tournaments:
  • Tournaments that don't qualify as Premier or Major Tournaments.
  • Open qualifiers for major/premier events.
  • Monthly and Weekly Tournaments:
  • Minor tournaments that take place every month/every week.