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Agent Omen Half.png
General Information
DescriptionOmen hunts in the shadows. He renders enemies blind, teleports across the field, then lets paranoia take hold as foes scramble to uncover where it might strike next.

Omen is an agent in VALORANT.

Abilities[edit | edit]

Ability Shrouded Step.png Shrouded Step [C]
Type: Basic Cost: Creds Icon.png 100 Max Uses: 2
Description: EQUIP a shadow walk ability and see its range indicator. FIRE to begin a brief channel, then teleport to the marked location.
Ability Paranoia.png Paranoia [Q]
Type: Basic Cost: Creds Icon.png 200 Max Uses: 1
Description: INSTANTLY fire a shadow projectile forward, briefly reducing the vision range of all players it touches. This projectile can pass straight trough walls.
Ability Dark Cover.png Dark Cover [E]
Type: Signature Cost: Free Max Uses: 2
Description: EQUIP a shadow orb and see its range indicator. FIRE to throw the shadow orb to the marked location, creating a long-lasting shadow sphere that blocks vision. HOLD ALTERNATE FIRE while targeting to move the marker further away. HOLD the ability key while targeting to move the marker closer.
Ability From The Shadows.png From The Shadows [X]
Type: Ultimate Cost: 7 Points Max Uses: 1
Description: EQUIP a tactical map. FIRE to begin teleporting to the selected location. While teleporting, Omen will appear as a Shade that can be destroyed by an enemy to cancel his teleport.

Patch History[edit | edit]

Patch 1.0

Ability Paranoia.png Q - Paranoia

Quality of Life Paranoia is now equipped instead of quickcast, and hit detection improved, especially at close range
  • Changed the cast paradigm to reward more proactive use of Paranoia over its previous reactive use case. Enemies will receive a warning when the projectile is fired rather than being in the direct path of it. This should make it hit enemies more reliably.

  • Ability Dark Cover.png E - Dark Cover
    Quality of Life Omen now enters a “phaser” world where he can see through walls to place his smokes and pressing RELOAD toggles between phased and normal targeting.
  • We wanted to provide Omen with a more precise way to place his smokes, especially when verticality is at play. We’ve provided a toggle back to the old view mode as well to make sure we still support the quick, close range smoke playstyle many Omen players have honed.

  • Quality of Life Dark Cover controls have been updated where Omen can now increase smoke distance with PRIMARY FIRE, decrease it with SECONDARY FIRE, and throw smoke with the ABILITY KEY.
  • Yeah, this might be a difficult control shift for players who main Omen, but in the long run—and for new players—we think it’s more intuitive for the distance to be controlled by one hand on the mouse by default.

  • Ability Shrouded Step.png C - Shrouded Step
    Quality of Life Omen can now see his teleport location on the map and receives an in-world indicator of where he’s targeting when his vision of the point is obstructed.
  • We want to help Omen understand where he is targeting his teleport, especially when he’s teleporting from out of his smoke.

  • Ability From The Shadows.png X - From The Shadows
    Quality of Life Omen can now cancel his teleport while in Shade form by pressing the ABILITY KEY again—Omen still loses all of his ult points if he cancels.
  • We want Omen to attempt plays and create fear for his opponents with his ultimate. Previously, the punishment for using the ult was almost certain death if caught by an enemy, and it pushed the ability into more niche use. Allowing Omen to cancel his ult if he’s in danger at the cost of his ult points will hopefully open more possibilities and value, while still pushing him to try and pick the best teleport spots possible.

  • Patch 0.50

    Especially at high-tier play, we’ve seen Brimstone become the dominant controller and we wanted to give his peers a boost to make them more viable while hopefully maintaining their unique playstyles.

    Ability Dark Cover.png E - Dark Cover

    Duration Dark Cover smoke duration increased 12 >> 15 seconds
    Speed Dark Cover smoke projectle speed increased.
    Cooldown Dark cover cooldown increased 30 >> 35 seconds.

    Patch 0.49

    If you were to find enemy Omen teleporting in, it was often confusing when you should shoot him to get the kill (vs. sending him back). This change is to both account for an invulnerability bug and score some extra points of clarity. Attenuation is a big word, but the short of it is you have to be closer to Omen to echolocate where he’s teleporting to. We’re trying to give him some spook back since if you do find him, you should now have him dead to rights

    Shadow Form Omen now immediately becomes vulnerable and no longer appears dark after he leaves his alternate shadow form

    Ability From The Shadows.png X - From The Shadows

    Sound The attenuation radius of the arrival sound on Omen's From the Shadows has been reduced to 2250